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By visiting or shopping in our online shop “Home of Pearls” you are accepting terms&conditions stated bellow. Please read carefully and get familiar with them. Internet shop “Home of Pearls” keeps the right to change the terms&conditions without any previous notice.

Electronic communication (via email)

When you visit the Home of Pearls Internet shop or send us an e-mail, you are communicating with us electronically. By accepting the terms&conditions you agree to communicate with us electronically. Our communication with you will be via e-mail or notifications which we will publish on our website.

Privacy protection declaration

In name of the ‘‘Home of Pearls’’ Internet shop we hereby undertake to protect the privacy of all of our customers. We shall collect only essential, basic data of the customers/users and data which is necessary for business operations and for informing our users in accordance with the good business practice, all with the objective to provide high quality services. We give our customers a possibility to choose including a decision as to whether they wish to unsubscribe from our mailing list which is used for marketing campaigns. All data on the users/customers shall be strictly protected and accessible only to the employees who need them to carry out their business operations. All employees of the ‘‘Home of Pearls’’ Internet shop (and business partners) are obliged to protect the protection of privacy principle.

Intellectual property

The contents of this website such as pages, texts, photographs, logotypes, audio and software are the ownership of the ‘‘Home of Pearls’’ Internet shop or its suppliers and they cannot be used without previously receiving consent from the ‘‘Home of Pearls’’ Shop. In case you believe that the content found on the ‘‘Home of Pearls’’ website is yours and has been misused, please contact us so that we can establish intellectual rights. All information which is accessible on the Internet pages is exclusively informative, and as such cannot be used for commercial purposes or distributed to third parties.

Product prices

‘‘Home of Pearls’’ undertakes to accept any price which you quoted in the order regardless of whether the product price has subsequently changed after your order has been placed. ‘‘Home of Pearls’’ has the right to cancel an order by sending an e-mail with said information to the customer in case a gross error was committed at the time when the price was placed on the website, for example, if instead of RSD 5.000,00 the quoted price was RSD 50,00 and similar.

Working hours

The working hours of the ‘‘Home of Pearls’’ online shop is 00-24, 7 days a week. In case of technical problems or during regular maintenance the website might not be accessible for a short period of time which you will be informed of.

Changing (updating) data on the website

‘‘Home of Pearls’’ retains the right to be able to, at any time, and without any previous notification, change the data shown on any of the website’s pages. ‘‘Home of Pearls’’ does not have the right to unilaterally change the conditions of use, and any eventual change shall be deemed invalid except in case both sides agree thereto in writing.


If certain provisions of these Conditions of Use are partially or totally non-applicable or illegal, they will not influence the validity of the other provisions which shall remain in force in their entirety. Those provisions which are non-applicable or illegal will be replaced with other appropriate provisions. You hereby agree that your rights and obligations which arise from these Conditions of Use cannot be assigned to third parties without an explicit written agreement of the ‘‘Home of Pearls’’ webshop.

Conditions for purchasing at the ‘‘Home of Pearls’’ Internet shop

‘‘Home of Pearls’’ is an Internet shop which operates pursuant to the Electronic Trade Act and all of the other valid laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia. The detailed conditions for purchasing are listed in the following text. Please make yourself acquainted with them before you make a purchase.:


To be able to order a product from the range of the Internet shop you need to take the following steps:

1. Find the product you wish to purchase
2. Review your cart
3. Enter data concerning the purchaser (customer) and place of delivery
4. Delivery manner
5. Choose how you wish to make your payment
6. Review and confirm your order

1. Find the product you wish to purchase

The products are organized by category which you can review as in a catalogue. Once you find the product you wish to purchase click on the button “Add to cart”. With that, you have placed the product into your cart (just like in a regular shop). After that, you can continue to browse through our products, and you can add additional products into your cart.

2. Review your cart

Once you have finished placing products into your cart and wish to order them, choose the option „Cart”. On the page of the cart all products are shown which you have thus far placed into it. In the cart you can list how many pieces of a certain product you wish to order or in case you have changed your mind with regards to any of them, you can delete that product from the cart.
The cart is the first step in placing your order. Once you are satisfied with the contents of your cart, move on to the next step.

3. Entering data concerning the customer and place of delivery

In this step you should enter data concerning the customer and address where the product should be delivered. Data on the customer is data which will be listed on the receipt which will be sent to you together with the package. In case you are purchasing as a natural person, under data concerning the customer, list data from your ID card. In case you are ordering as a legal entity (company) list the valid company data.
Data on the place of delivery is data showing where you wish the package to be delivered. We kindly ask you to give the exact data to enable the courier service which will deliver the package to find it as quickly as possible. In case the entered data is inaccurate, your package may be returned and the delivery date extended.

4. Manner of delivery

You will now be shown the manner in which your package will be delivered. You can only receive the package via a courier service.

5. Choose the manner of payment

In this step you need to choose how you wish to pay for the ordered products. supports the following manners of payment:

• Cash on delivery
• Via money order paid via bank or post

6. Review and confirm your order

Finally, before you confirm your order, you can look at all of its details once again: what you ordered, data concerning the customer, delivery address, how much the total price is, etc.
If you agree with the order choose option „Confirm” which thereby creates it. Once your order is confirmed, you will automatically receive an e-mail to your registered e-mail address with a review of the order and payment instructions.

II PAYMENT supports the following payment methods:
Cash on delivery

Cash on delivery means paying the order to the courier service once the package is delivered. Payment is exclusively made in cash.

Money order via bank or post office

This payment method entails that once your order has been confirmed you will make payment via a money order in a bank or post office for the amount listed in the order into our account.
In case you fail to execute payment of the amount listed in the order within 7 days from the date when it was created, that order shall be cancelled and deleted. After the period of 7 days expires, payment will not be possible pursuant to that order, however you can create a new order and execute payment in accordance with that order.


Delivery in Serbia

The delivery of the package is carried out by a courier service which is only possible on the territory of Serbia without Kosovo. The costs of delivery are not paid for all purchases in the total amount of RSD 5.000,00 and higher. For purchases which are less than RSD 5.000,00 the costs of delivery are RSD 240,00 in case there is no purchase price and RSD 280,00 for deliveries with a purchase price. The delivery costs are paid to the courier in cash. When you receive the package you need to sign an acknowledgment of receipt. Only in case of cash on delivery, the payment of the order will be given to the courier at the time when you receive the package. Delivery of the ordered products from the order is carried out after your payment has been filed unless you opted to pay on delivery.
Since in real life situations delivery can be even faster, and to protect you from having to wait for the courier and package every day, once we deliver your package to the courier service we will send you an e-mail notification that the package has been sent. That means that the courier will be at your address the next day with your package.
Delivery is carried out via the DExpress courier service.
The deadline for delivery is at the latest 3 working days from the date when the product was purchased (weekends do not count). The costs of delivery are RSD 240, regardless of whether there is a purchase price or not.
The costs of transport are paid in cash to the courier when you have chosen the option of cash on delivery, with other options (card, e-banking or money order), the transport costs are calculated into the specification of costs.
Delivery is carried out from 8 am – 4 pm, you need to make sure that at the delivery date, which we will inform you of via an e-mail, a person will be at the designated address who can receive the package. In case your courier fails to find anyone at the designated address he/she will try to contact you via the telephone number you left in the order form. The delivery will be attempted twice, after which the product will be returned to ‘‘Home of Pearls’’, shop. In case you are not sure whether you will be at the delivery address at the time of delivery, we highly recommend that you leave an alternative address where the product can be delivered. In the field where you should leave your personal data you also have a comments field, please enter any notes. Still, please bear in mind that delivery is carried out via the courier service, therefore, a certain amount of flexibility should be present.

Delivery abroad

For shopping and delivery abroad please switch to English version of our online shop.


The costs of returning the goods and money are borne by the customer, apart from cases when the customer receives a faulty or wrong article. The costs of sending goods to be repaired or replaced are borne by the customer.


When you receive the package you need to visually check the package to make sure that no visual damages exist. In case you notice that the transport box is significantly damaged and you have doubts that the product might also be damaged, refuse to receive the package and inform us of such a case as soon as possible.
In case the package at first glance shows no damage, feel free to receive it and sign an acknowledgment of receipt for the courier.
In some cases when a certain article is missing or you have not received the appropriate product, we are not in a position to react after you have signed an acknowledgment of receipt of a package.